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True essence of hospitality is nothing other than locating the best destination to visit accompanied with the finest resort to rest by
The Melheim Resort Beregala, Haputale

Resting in the Uva province segment of the Sri Lankan map, located in the Badulla district and drilled down to Beregala Haputale is where you could trace the entrance to stepping into the atmosphere of true Sri Lankan hospitality – the Melheim Resort Beragala, Haputale. A 180KM drive from Colombo will bring you to this serene cocoon, The Melheim Resort to experience the warm welcome from experienced hands for a well spent vacation, a vacation wroth every rupee you invest in and every minute you spend.

The resort is nested on the arms of rich bio – diversity embedded in divergent varieties of vegetation’s and wild life, surrounded by the hills of Haputale accompanied by the cloudy forests and the beautiful tea plantations. It’s nothing more than a perfect get-a-way destination taking you into the heavens of factual tranquility surrounded in the spectacular vision, rewarding you with the ever satisfaction and fulfilment of the worthwhile visit.

This Boutique Resort structured on an edge of a mountain belonging to the hills of Beregala, Haputale, is nestled in such a way to witness the stretch of complete vicinity of the beauty of Haputale. The rising of the morning sun from the far east peeping through the peaks of the high hills of the mountains of Beregalla Haputale, is a true sight of nature’s ecstasy which you could leisurely witness from the resort. The extremely chilled climate outside, surrounding the Melheim resort, accompanied by a warm moment of a delicious morning meal in the vicinity of the beautiful greeneries lost among the day’s light, the smell of the morning freshness and the warm hospitality is simply an endless experience. Get yourself flushed in the waters of Beregala, Hapulate spending a countless time on the natural pool of the resort or a relaxing float or a free – style swim in the resort’s swimming pool. Hence why not spend a fruitful romantic hour with that special one with a fresh wine on a chilled evening, accompanied with a flash of warmth to keep the settling cozy, in the garden area of the resort. Moreover the vicinity of this beautiful boutique resort is what brings the true flavor, surrounded by the greeneries the nature of Beregala has to offer. The view of the beautiful flow of water from the hill tops of mountains is a spectacular scenic view one could witness from the resort itself.

The resort is nothing less than ever lasting memories, luxuries comfort; perfect dinning that naturally awakens your taste buds while being lost among the greeneries and the pleasant atmosphere Melheim Resort – Beregala Haputale has to offer. Therefore we invite you to experience the true experience of the beauties of having a wonderful retreat in the mountain peaks of Haputale while we assure you a value added service provided through well experienced hands of years of practice of true Sri Lanka hospitality.

The Melheim Resort – Beregala, Haputale is all about beautiful vicinity, true essence of friendly hospitality for you and for your family.

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